Reviews for "New Avenger"

I liked this!

This was a funny movie that I enjoyed quite a bit (good for a chuckle, at least). The graphics were good, the voice acting was befitting, and the jokes were well placed and relevant. This is a great video, and I'd love to see more Avenger parodies (if possible :/ ) :)

pretty good animation but the pacing could do with some work perhaps some light music in the background that stops at the cruciication then just some wind would improve the humour and a little more motion from iron man would have helped the pace a bit too

You left out the part where he condemns people to the depths of hell and stuff.

Lol, I love how the new athiest community is blaming the religious community for the lower rating because of the crass humor put into this. The writing of the script is also responsible for the rating as well. I've seen religious satire on newgrounds that was well thought out and wasn't aiming to alienate and put a black eye onto someone's beliefs. The problem with humor like this is that it sinks along the lines of Inappropriate Comedy.

sorry that's just not right but good animation