Reviews for "New Avenger"

Well it is good and I like the joke so I give a 3.
Thoe god can do a lot more

The only reason you got three stars is because the quality of the animation was good. If you truly wanted to take this idea seriously and to the next level i could give you many offensive things he can do. I do not know if you were just stabbing at Christianity and attempting to offend or what... but you could have gone a lot farther with this.
For instance: He can summon a sword from his mouth, he can make people go blind just by speaking, he he can summon angels, he can resurrect himself (immortal), heal others and resurrect them (healer), he can make things from nothing, he can breathe fire, cast out demons. I can come up with lots more. He died because he let it happen.
If you really want ideas, message me. =)

Jesus -- Powerset:
Water into wine. Not an obvious offensive power, but humans are 70% water. Change that water into wine, they're dead. Also good as a secondary indirect attack weapon. Change nearby water into high proof alcohol and an open flame and you've got a transmutation flame attack. Good pair up with Storm God Thor. He gets the enemy wet, Jesus converts that into flammable booze, let loose a spark. FOOM!

Flight. Both obvious flight and hovering over water bodies. Standard superpower these days.

Resurrection. A power common to both DC & MARVEL superheros, but usually after a "death event" to temporarily boost sales. Only downside is the 3 day regen delay, but that's easily within a 1-issue margin of not harming sales figures.

Healing Touch + Cure All Diseases. Nuff said, standard D&D Cleric Powers. Useful in and out of combat.

Mass-Influence. Not too effective against Romans & Jews though. But still useful if people aren't aware you have subtle mind-control powers.

Replication. Only examples are fish & bread, so we would have to assume it might work only on non-living biomatter, but it's a darn handy power if you're stranded out in the middle of nowhere or trapped underground. This power could be used very creatively in many ways.

Resurrection of Others. Three known cases of Jesus's power plus a bunch of dead Saints after his death (Saints before Christianity?!?) Nonetheless, really handy battlefield power (standard videogame healer power).


DuDuL responds:

Thank you for your detailed review

that was?????? reallly short uhh alittle funny haa