Reviews for "New Avenger"

Maeval, you know what to do...

The movie Super had "The Holy Avenger" which is what I thought of when I saw Jesus and the Avengers, anyways, back to the topic at hand, I love Tony's reactions in this, they're just too perfect.

Hehe damn i love the animation and the voice akting was okej. I liked the jokes but there could have been more of them, and yes Tony's reactions where priceless. The best part is how it showed what a total bitch Jesus is. Compleatly useless indeed. Thor is one of the most ecpi god's ever. But i don't believe in any of them. I worship Fire.

Funny, but slightly offensive.....Jesus' father is God, whom created the Universe...HELLO! He could just give his dad a call, and say 'Hey....um....Can you like get rid of all these bad guys?? God: HELL YAH!"

I have to admit, I would give this 5 stars if it at least had two more jokes... I mean, there were only 3 I can outright notice, and one was completely missed until I thought for 5 minutes about how this video had three funny jokes, and then I said to myself "Wait, that part with Tony was a joke too!" Anyways, it did make me laugh, and the end was slightly hilarious, but it would DEFINATLY make some people butt hurt.