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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

This isn't a rape joke people, the fact you think it is is what's disgusting. This poor man obviously suffered alot at the hands of these people and not even giving him the chance to explain the reason for his choice in the elections is deplorable.

Anyway, I thought the voice acting was fine, sounded like the usual "I'll be doing this for this reason" speeched you hear. The graphics were a bit sub though, the moving parts (hands, eyes, mouth) don't look very good when they do move. And it was a bit boring, something to go with the animation would have been nice. Not sure what you could do that wouldn't cause people to be all weird though, maybe something totally unrelated like a puppet re-enactment?

i loved it man lol 5

flash was only.... meh
video 2/5 good animation but unengaging
audio 3/5 good quality but acting...eeh

srsly rape jokes... i never liked theese
it´s just not funny

lmao WTF!!!

Honestly, the voice acting was subpar. Perhaps Jeremy Lokken should consider getting somebody with better vocal talent for his animations, because he certainly sucks at it.