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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

I can't believe so few people don't realize this is poking fun at all political ads in general, not either side. It's saying that all they do is make the other candidate look like a wife-raping psychopath, and not actually further their own views. I thought it was great.

I don't usually care about political toons but this was really twisted in the best way.
I think not even Nostradamus could have predicted ninja stars and carrots. Needless to say I lol'd.

Obama campaign get out of NG, this is a place for mature ppl!

I love it when people can't take satire for what it is, especially when it's obviously aiming to be as ridiculous as possible. I for one loved it, just takes the absurdity of these ads in real life to the next logical level.

Wow.... just wow. that was a definate WTF moment and I love it. Do an Obama smack next.... can't wait.