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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

Any comment from the Romney/Ryan camp?

Great sound work, and nice technique on the drifting camera -- a political ad staple nowadays. You got the feel just right!

good work, shows the ridiculousness of that recent obama ad blaming romney for a man losing his cancer ridden wife.

The very VERY end made me laugh, oh my god what a crazy funny movie.

On a side note, since alot of conservative republicans believe its everyone's god given right to own guns and swords and kill each other in the name of Cowboy Jesus, this might actually be some sort of sign for future ads in the future of politics.

this is a sub-par concept and exicution, but the 3 republican reviewers i found are all commplet retards, SCIENCE how i hate the stupid. anyway not bad but not good either. the ending was a good touche though(+1/2 star)