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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

Pretty good. Satire, but not to crazy.

That wasn't bad If meant to be satirical very on point, Humor wise though not that funny.

I thought this was great. I'm pretty disappointed that a lot of people rating this don't understand satire, but ahh... what can you do.

The sound effects were clear and subtle, the animation was good (you made this fast, so I'm not expecting some outstanding visual beast), everything looks clean and sharp. I'm glad you chose a simplistic style because the real place of focus seemed to be his facial expressions and hand gestures, both of which you drew the viewer's eyes toward. The music went great and really captured the political ad feel.

I think you did a great job and made a short, interesting, humorous and to-the-point political ad-satire. If anything about this video would make me not want to vote for Romney, it would be seeing how clueless some of his supporters viewing this video seem to be when they comment. People need to chill out a bit.

Wanna know why i wont vote for Paul romney? Because of this story.

Its a good satire; funny and well done. I dont get the neg reviews nit piicking about voice acting and flash quality. Dude is not working out of Dreamworks Studios. Seriously, this is Newgrounds. @ Author: I had a good laugh keep it up.