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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

A perfect parody of these dumb election ads. I wish I could see this all day instead of the shitty regular ones. Nice job!

Funny if you have an open mind with politics, and it really does look like a political ad. Great aniamation, fitting music, and it may or may not sway you to vote Obama. I don't know about you, but I'm voting for the guy who can throw a ninja star with accuracy! :D

Laughed very fucking hard and I love you for this.

What political mudslinging is literally going to be in 20 years:

I don't really care how awful the premise was, it was gut-busting. The flash held a kinda South Park feel to it with the casual tone of voice, but with a dark, bizarre topic to it, chopping, but competent tween animation, and slightly cut-out graphics. Voice acting and audio were all stupendous along with great moving camera techinque to resemble countless of political adds. Lip-syncing at times were off, but the overall video proved worthy of satirical hilarity, especially with the ending. Nice Work

OMG funny! Just out of curiosity, where exactly did you see the commercial about Mitt Romney murdering someone's wife? Even if it was fake, this is still a funny spoof on the 2012 campaign!

JeremyLokken responds:


"Mitt Romney Killed My Wife" on YouTube