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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

For causing so much butthurt.
5 Stars

Oh this is just too good! Great animation style and so true about over the top negative ads.

Here in the vast downunder, there be butthurt! BUTTHURT! Butthurt EVERYWHERE!
In fact, it's some of the most ill informed butthurt I've ever seen! Oh Lawdy! xD
I simply must read more of it... xD someone call a doctor. I'm loling myself to death!
Oh right, I'm supposed to talk about the animation... hehe, whoops! :3 I found this to be an interesting animation. Indeed, the political process is starting to get plain ridiculous at this point.
I feel badly for those of you who are still in the states, having to put up with all of the nonsense that inspires such wonderful satire as this.


haha that was funny!