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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

This is hilarious! It kind of makes me mad seeing some people give bad reviews just because they dislike Obama; that's not the point here. This is making fun of those ridiculous campaign ads, not the people actually running, you dumbasses!

Obama is one of the worst president America has ever had, so why are there still so many Idiots supporting him? I guess its because this generation is filled with morons who will never admit they voted for a bad president, while atleast the people who voted Jimmy Carter admitted they made a mistake.

Nice end

This was great, haha i mean just hilarious. I lost it after he took a bite out of the carrot.

The animation is really well done, and the audio is clear and similarly well done. As to the content, I have no idea how to respond to it. I'm not exactly for either candidate, but, I kinda understand why you would make something like this. It seems like campaigning has gotten more and more personal, ridiculous and absolutely stunningly insane. And I'm sure in ten years this will be considered modest. I couldn't really give it a five star because I don't think it was exactly perfect, but, I'm sure this won't be your final submission. Great job overall.