Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

Good concept but way too slow and easy. The music is PERFECT. 3.5 stars. If you up the challenge a bit it will be 4.5 stars easy...

The game have improved a lot, however there is still more that can be worked... The white blood cells have to be more, let's say, "persistent".

An interesting concept. Personally, It could do with a fewmore ugrades, as well as more viral types.

Nothing to do in this game probably the worst game on this site lol.

Asvegren responds:

yet you completed the whole game lol.

I love games that relate to viral science and not necessarily zombies.
This game is incredible but surely, you can add more levels by adding rules/stipulations/challenges to each levels. New and interesting bonuses. New and interesting "enemies". Make more research on the viral world and impact the player with your new found knowledge on how to make infecting a host a more challenging task. Just don't kill the controls like other developers have, will ya? Mouse or arrows sounds good to me (preferably arrows, I accidentally scroll on my touch pad).