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Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

Short, few upgrades, upgrades too fast, quite difficult to make out the smaller and bigger cells at certain instances, anti-bodies and white blood cells aren't quite aggressive, and relating the diseases performed can lead to a guilt trip for some players as they can relate to those diseases in real-life where it would lead to emotional or moral problems. Nevertheless, liked the game.

Great game make another one add more levels more virus such as cancer and aids and make it more realistic I mean, The final level does not make sense that does not happen with the blood after all those viruses infect the system and HIV is attacking and plus I think the host would try to do more about tons of deadly viruses infect his/her body like take more antibodies and all sorts of things and add story,and like in infect evolve repeat 2 make a little narrating voice telling you stuff. Anyway great game and make another!

Game is too short and too easy. Btw:
So, I have BONUS cells inside my body?

The game was decent and easy. The rating is really for the last level , where it has another meaning , when the hiv cell was inside their was little resistance .

While this game is kinda educational, but does it really deserve an E rating?, I mean you are after all killing somebody, and it has blood..., sorta. And what else?, you're giving someone herpes. Its not ever day you get to say that. All in all, not a bad game. Somewhat challenging though, trying to discern which cells are bigger. Oh well 4 outta 5.