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Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

Pretty good game. Would of been better if it was longer.

Loved the game! As an epidemiologist I loved it! Any who, lots of fun - completed in 1,952 seconds (without the assistance) :P . Quite challenging with a track pad but still fun!

Asvegren responds:

Very impressed that you managed it with a track pad! Also I am proud of you because you are educated in the subject and still managed to refrain from pointing out obvious errors. So many people are incapable of suspending their disbelief in favour of just enjoying a game. Kudos!

Good game, ad the music is really enjoyable to listen to.

One thing though - HIV is a virus, and it causes AIDS (Active Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)

I loved the game .. a bit on the easy side (that's the 4.5 :/ ) but overall it was quite fun! Keep it up!

it wont let me play any the games im on good computer what do I need to download to play them