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Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

I liked it, nice concept, one of the few games I didn't want to reach for the mute button, I didn't even notice if there was one...

to the guy who said "HIV isn't a disease.... it's a virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)" Influenza is a virus, measles is a virus, hepatitis is a virus, herpes is a virus, smallpox is a virus, and yes HIV is a virus which adds to the continutiy of the game in that you play as a virus, a virus of each different virus.

Asvegren responds:

thanks for the compliments about the game and music!

also thanks for backing me up. for some reason 'biological' games trigger a know-it-all response in people. it's like they see something they've read in school and then feel the urge to prove they have a basic education. why doesn't it happen in other types of games? idk, i rarely see comments like 'why is my character alive again? don't you know death is biologically permanent?!' aaaaanyway, rant over, glad you enjoyed the game.

I never thought I'd be all like "AWWW YEAHHHH HERPES!!!" lmao. But I agree, I kinda felt like a terrible person at the end bc the music was so peaceful/serene/sad and it was like "CONGRATULATIONS HOST IS DEAD" >_> IM SO TORN! :'( Game was enjoyable though, and I gotta say, semi difficult when all those white blood cells, larger cells AND antibodies are coming after you :P

Asvegren responds:

if u ever test positive for herpes u will remember this game and smile

Very nice game, there is one thing that bothers me though:
HIV isn't a disease.... it's a virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

the game would be better with fishes
this is a bit sad,
the song doesn't help.

I was several minutes just listening the final level song, is so sad think that a person is losing hope and death is coming soon, final level, the most sad level ever"

Great game 5/5!