Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

I was a good game, congratulations. Major improvemen compared to the last game :)

You even moved me a little with the music and the idea of viruses actually working like this game.
Excellent game my friend, and very touching instumental choices :)

Congrats again

some lag but fun game

Kinda sad thou my great grandma is about to die and playig this game made me realize that its like a fight and if that diese is as good as i was then shes going to die and she probly is in a week or so thats what the doc says but good game and sorry for the speech just felt like i had to say something.

d;\ D$

Asvegren responds:

Sorry to hear about your great grandma. Glad you enjoyed the game regardless.

I like this concept, even though its not the most original. It's a pretty cool game that doesn't take much time to beat. I also like how the bonuses aren't too overpowered. And if you're wondering, I got 264 seconds first try without cell size assisstance. :P

272 seconds yay ya