Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"

For the most part I really like this game. Cute character interactions and subtle bits of light humor are nice. And I just generally like fighty platformers.

But I'm kind of stuck at this point. Can't figure out a way to jump far enough to get past the very first bit of level 3-5. For some reason after killing the first cactus, my jump only takes me to the wall on the other side of the screen and wall-jumping back and forth only gets me further and further down into the ravine. Not sure if I'm just lacking some inherent skill, or if there's a trick or power up I'm missing there.

Fun otherwise though.

HOLY ****...sorry for my language but 2 people made this masterpiece? 2!?????!?!?!?!?! Those you guys grown big!

This was my favorite game on a website I forgot how to find, I thought I had lost it forever. You have no idea hope happy I am to find this game here!!! Can't wait to play again! :D
The game is challenging and fun, and truly adorable.

on one of the levels the rating sayd F A C
it was funny

Great game. I think the medals are bugged for me, I've earned quite a few but it's not showing up for me for some reason.

This really is very well done though. It's one of those games that's fun to keep coming back to, challenging without being too frustrating. I also love that there's so much to do! Nice job, and thanks for a great game.