Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"

A very enjoyable game. Good levels, but I found even the last ones "too much" easy for someone experienced with platformers like me. A bit of difficulty would make this game even more enjoyable. And using the hookshot is simply awesome!
There are a few bugs, e.g. in the final stage of Level 3-5 sometimes all the enemies disappear, but they aren't annoying.
Very funny characters and the atmosphere reminds me of Adventure Time!

Great Game!And ur Right it does that Adventure Time kinda mood
Lol I <3 dat show!

pretty good and funny game! but somereason not that addictive to me...but still really enjoyed it! i'll give it 3 and a half stars.

This game doesn't really offer anything new and it's just like a lot of other platformers. I think it's really overrated, and the "Adventure Time"-like mood is unoriginal, because it's been done too many times. There was also a glitch in Level 3-3 where the Ruby at the end disappeared and I had to restart. But it's not bad, and is an enjoyable experience, I just think too many ass-kissers are writing reviews for this game.

Why IS He Spoiling His Adventure Because Of his Pet Rock?Should Just Like a Real Pet