Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"


I can play this game when I open Newgrounds

This is the one game I always come back to Newgrounds to play. Its really fun, there should be more games like this on Newgrounds.

The only problem I'm getting with it, is that when I'm trying to jump down narrow holes, the guy sticks to the walls. Sometimes it's helpful, but other times, it's annoying, especially when it's right next to the spinning thing (Not sure what you'd call it).
But I can easily look past it. It's a fun game all in all and I'd love to see a part 2! c:

The map area is based of of Adventure Time:Hey Ice King Why'd you steal our garbage!

CHIBI KNIGHT! it felt like it and its a nice bit of filler for me until chibi2 comes :D
love the upgrades... altho i mash my points in power!!!! and its even child friendly... sorta BOOBIES!!!!
crazy old geezer