Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"

This game remind me of Adventure Time

Great game, but I noticed a flaw in the art. While riding on the giraffe in the map screen, the main character's backpack still has a giraffe in it. But it's a well done game, with catchy music and fun platforming. Nice job!

I got a million using autoclicker. but I did not get the achievement ...
I just do not understand what I must do.

But the game is pretty good, thank you. I will buy on Steam.

This is a super cute game with super cute art. :) I'll be honest, I just started, but so far, it's great.
My only issue is that sometimes the controls lag a bit, I'm not sure if that is specific to arrow controls or not, but that's why this is only four and a half star review. If that could possibly be fixed, definitely five out of five. :)

Great game! I think this is Newgrounds killer app.
I really like the art.
The music is good too.
If you haven't already, you should put this one the Xbox 360 just like Alien Hominid