Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"

on one of the levels the rating sayd F A C
it was funny

Great game. I think the medals are bugged for me, I've earned quite a few but it's not showing up for me for some reason.

This really is very well done though. It's one of those games that's fun to keep coming back to, challenging without being too frustrating. I also love that there's so much to do! Nice job, and thanks for a great game.

So much fun, had forgotten about this one... a classic! But unfortunately controls are funky in both MS Edge and Firefox. Weird lag in Edge; direction works in FF, but not abilities. Tried quitting to menu thinking a reset might work, but that takes me to Steam?!? Wot up?

eso es uno delos mejores juegos es muy entretenido realmente los felicito hicieron un muy buen trabajo

Whenever I feel sad, or bad, i play this beloved game and i'm happy again.

JayArmstrongGames responds:

Wow. That is amazing, thank you for saying that.