Reviews for "Macrocosm"

Amazing work, and I say this goes for all programmers out there AVOID INFINITE LOOPS they can ruin everything. :D


Amazing stuff fella! No matter you've reached Master round! The Mind-Blowing story and the simple but clean animation worked perfect along Bing's track. The thing is that I liked test-object's animation as well,and the fact that one of you must leave is pretty sad.Well,good luck Dave!

Perfect example of fractal geometry

This is a stunning piece of work, sir! The theme is quite apparent, and beautifully executed. The graphics, you need not worry about them, are just fine. The musical score is very suspenseful, yet tranquil, which adds to the animation as a whole. The protagonist's emotions are done very clearly, and the animated motions are done quite fluidly. If anyone deserves to be pushed ahead in this round of NATA, I do believe you are one of them.

For a "rushed" animation, this is still very impressive, none-the-less. The idea of holding the entire fate of the world in one's hands is quite daunting, indeed. And the whole thought of a macrocosm, infinite worlds inside of each other, is very fascinating. I was amazed at how well you executed the "Butterfly Effect" theme into it, in the end. To think, something as small as pulling a plug would cause an infinite number of worlds to vanish from existence. Truly astonishing.

I am very sorry to hear that your website was attacked, and I hope it is back up soon. I look forward to more animations from you, sir. You have incredible talent!