Reviews for "Macrocosm"

The concept of nanoparticles representing entire universes worth of worlds in an infinitesemally endless chain or vice/versa is something that I have always believed that science will prove eventually. It is nice to know that there are actually others even think such things whether or not they believe them. Good work, your work was very well thought under pressure and I commend you greatly.

Pahgawk responds:

I sort of hope that it's never proven to be true, because that would enable situations like the one in the video to happen where everything just gets turned off, or even where people can get control of the universe.

This was overall, the best animation I've seen in this tournament yet. Well done!

i love this. I find it very interesting and worth the time. great job. I dont see any flaw in it. If i moved the mountians with a click here and there i wouldve s**t my pants to be honest. lol

very interesting animation. It hits me as a ray bradbury type story.

I liked it, it was really cool how the paradox just went on and on. Great job.