Reviews for "Macrocosm"

someone is early......it was super great bro

Pahgawk responds:

For the record, events in this movie do not have anything to do with possible recent discoveries of particles. It was maybe just a little bit of a nudge in the sciency direction.

We heard you liked your earth, so we put a earth in your earth to help your earth.

Good flash :D

Nice, representing the entire earth well enough to truly control it like a god probably can't be achieved by using a rough low count polygon like how the digital earth(s) were shown as on the computer monitor(s), but still a great flash.

Pahgawk responds:

But using a higher poly count would mean I'd actually have to do GOOD modelling! ...yep I'm lazy

my mind has officially been blown

He had the power of God at his mortal hands but the inter dimensional dimension and the responsibility of that kind of power blown his mind, now he decided to end the reality unplugging the machine.

Imminent inception, because this animation is awesome! :)