Reviews for "Macrocosm"

I...I have been made speechless..

It has its flaws but overall just one of the greatest things I had ever saw on here. Just one question: What is the son that plays in the begining??

you consider this BAD quality?!
this is amazing! it made me think so...

BRAVO you DESERVE 4.5 stars
4.5 not 5 bc the animation felt.... a bit.. sluggish? to me. making the character less "floppy" may help later in your videos.

he made the right choice by stoping the process in time before life forms where to be formed in there, if he can barely take care of is life, how can he take care of a planet, but ,maybe the same people from the same planet is living on where in that tiny planet making him...well you know, but he made the right choice, only by seen it for seconds just made him lose track of reality, imagine if he was to continuo.
someone on a movie always said, "One Man Cannot Simply Be God", i may not believe this God crap nonsense but, it kinda makes sense.

Voted 5/5. Rated 5/5 and Fav.

Greate animation, Pahgawk, Beautifull ;)

Love the music, and the concept pretty amazing. I just wish there was more plot in which he affected the world or tried to change it for better. :O