Reviews for "Macrocosm"

It's deep and I love everything about it especially the part where he's carrying all those Earths showing all the weight that's on his shoulders when he shuts down the stabilizer of what looks like a hadron colider I give it a 10/10

cant think of anything bad to say about that.

The story really made me think and the music was great. The animation was good too, especially considering you said you were rushed. Well done!

Amazingly Awesome

Well, this turned out to have the highest score of anything in Round 3 of NATA 2012 and it really shows. It got a bit confusing, but it's still a great cartoon. I have always found the subject of recursion a wonderful one. It was like the one thing in math I was never taught. It would probably be the coolest thing too! The way there were so many Earths reminded me of the comic book "Crisis On Infinite Earths".

I doubt that was the intention, that's just such a great comic, probably my favorite of all time. It was also great how there was no dialogue and you let the story unfold by itself. It's always nice for people to come up with new and inventive stuff. It's just a true gem. Even the title gives a sense of wonder.