Reviews for "Macrocosm"

Awesome animation! Love the flow of your character and his interaction with his environment. That's real tricky to do but you I think you nailed it man. Music may have been a little choppy but I only noticed that after you pointed it out in the description lol. Hope you win and cheers. :D

Pahgawk responds:

Yeah.... oops. We had some technical difficulties there... I lent my friend a good mic that she could use to record with, but I think a lot of it ended up getting recorded with the macbook's mic anyway. THen, due to time issues, we didn't ahve time to do anything else but work with what we had.

fantastic the music was enticing the animation was awesome the drawings were a little underpar but the animation plot and music made up for that and then some. i look forward to more from you this was awesome. PS: ive played around with a similar idea but i took a diffrent direction however i really like the way this went. great job

Pahgawk responds:

There's definitely a lot of interesting ideas out there when it comes to this subject. I'll take a look at yours when I get a better internet connection in a few days. I always like movies that make you think about things like this.

Pahgawk you modest master of animation! Every piece i watch from you impresses me more and more and this was no exception. Yes, the frame by frame was a little lacking but you still had some great transitions, an interesting use of colors (i liked the yellow glows) and some inspiring 3d effects. How did you do those rotating wire frames? Very nice work on that. I think you're story telling could do with a bit of work but this is NATA so of course you're rushed and i can't complain too much because this one certainly gave me chills. Fortunately i was familiar with the concept you were putting across having read a great short story about it here (remove the spaces):
http://everything2.com/title/I+don%25 27t+know%252C+Timmy%252C+being+God+is +a+big+responsibility
so despite not being wowed by the originality of the idea i was certainly wowed by the artistry with which you conveyed it. Those wonderful shots when the scientist realizes that perhaps he is just one of an infinite loop and that long zoom from world to world. Of course the universe would have to be part of the system too but i suppose that zooms a bit big even for you.
I like that you make your own music and it's alway fitting but i think you should try something with sound effects and voice acting etc. Only because having just music gives the animations a sort of "music-video" feel that is slightly off putting. Also you've got a fun and unique art style but everyone always seems to be pulling the same dismayed expressions. I'm being picky of course and overall i really did enjoy this animation a lot. Good work with this, good luck with nata, and keep at it! Sorry to hear about your website.

Pahgawk responds:

Ahh yes, I remember reading that story! It was definitely inspiration for this.

Also I was sort of thinking that maybe the "world particle" was just a component of a larger particle, so it was there all along, but then that raises the question of why all the worlds shut off when he turned off just one of the practically endless others. It's definitely a plot hole I didn't think through enough.

Sad to see your stress showing through. The concept is interesting, I wonder if it could have been better communicated or understood with a more common setting. I found the opening segments difficult to enjoy, and I think that had to do with the methods and motions of a lab tech being uninteresting to watch. There are probably other scenarios that could have created a better startup, but I do think the final unplugging was well done and fit with the flash as set forth.

I think there are a lot of people who aren't going to understand that, but I see what you wanted to capture and I appreciate it.

Good luck in NATA, I definitely want to see more of your work.

Pahgawk responds:

I think it probably would have been better if I had used dialogue to explain the setup, because people are more interesting to watch than computer screens, generally speaking. Takes a lot more work to do, though. You'll probably understand why, under pressure, I decided to animate words being typed on a screen instead of people talking.

Very good :D