Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

I'd give you more - the art is beautiful and the puzzles are mostly thought-provoking - but there is a hideous problem that I've had with this game since I played it on Kongregate.

Rachel's puzzle is the most obnoxious bit of pixelbitching I've dealt with in ages. The beautiful artwork is so detailed that the dull brown coins completely vanish against it, and because your cursor is static (that is to say, it doesn't give any hint if it's over a clickable object), you're reduced to hammering on the mouse button if you think you're anywhere near a coin. Given such things as the completely-useless knobs on Grilo's screen (which look vaguely like the coins), this is a massive waste of time and horribly repetitive.

This one puzzle is a huge misstep and does the game a terrible disservice, robbing it of any replay value.

Fun! Makes you think! Thank you for sharing this!

great concept of this game. i hope you make more game that are similar to this and show some other tanookys as well in your sequel of this game.

Very interesting art,but I have heard the music in so many games.
Challenges a little too easy but still enjoyable.
Should be more rewards for beating the game, either medals or a better ending.

I want to live in this house.