Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

love the puzzles loved the game good job plzz make more!!!

After playing awhile I lost my pool balls, and when I clicked an item it would fly off the screen, also I was unable to scoll through my items. Overall this game was fun, but I was unable to complete it :(

i liked but got stuck in a bug where i tried using the items but they just disappeared...

I really love this game. The plot, the style, the riddles... It was a really great experience and I'd love to see more like it!

I had to replay to work out why the object I'd used had convinced Puerta to reveal herself (hadn't noticed that part of the clue before) and the third part of Grilos' clue looks like "hates being in first" rather than "hates NOT being in first", but those aside it all made good sense and is a BRILLIANT game!


This game doesn't get boring after a while, I enjoyed every second! I also loved the puzzles!