Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

Really loved this game. Gets you thinking logically.

Highly enjoyed this game. For a few reasons:

The riddles are all their own. Each are different from the other. The cursor does not change and give away clickables ^^ The art is wonderful. I kind of feel like I'm playing around inside one of the story books I read when I was little. And last. the short quick story is cute. Obviously, sprites that enter the house do like to wreak havoc and play stupid games with us. Nice job. Thumbs up. Was very relaxing for me. Thank you. ^^

Game is fairly easy if you're good at solving puzzles.

Really enjoyable! I think it's a great game.

This is a really fun game

i whish i could use the keybord instead of the hints but then it would be too easy...anyway, the end was not what i thought it would be...