Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

I really like this game byt OMFG where the hell is the last coin???

I love the design of this game, it's so dynamic and creative, especially the little Tanooky characters. I would like to see a sequel to this game, in all honesty!

The graphics are beautiful. The game was great fun and the riddles were awesome.

Not bad. I had to refresh the page and start over in order to finish the game, because I encountered a glitch the first time through where I couldn't scroll through my items, and whenever I clicked on an item it would jump to the right side of the screen and stay there until clicked again, then return to its original spot in my inventory. Not sure if anyone else has encountered a similar glitch, but it's worth looking into.

Very good game. I loved the riddles, very amusing, and not too easy or too hard. And the art is quite nice too.
Two suggestions:
- Make the coins a bit easier to find. They are not impossible, but takes some time and the player might lose interest.
- Give some clue that you can go up to the next rooms by clicking in the edge of the screen, I spent 5 minutes searching for stairs, arrows or something to get to a different place.

Anyways, great game!