Reviews for "Leaks"

Make it so that the ball doesn't warp when it touches the side of the screen.

There was a lot of slowdown when the game started to pick up...

It's pretty good, but a couple of things bothered me. First, the fact that the water was leaking never bothered me. Getting to 'top water' was only slightly more difficult than starting out. Second, if you just hold down the right arrow key the ball will 'loop'; you don't have to lead the ball through the corridors, just keep zooming to the right and adjust a little every now and then. You can even use your 'burn' to keep the ball bouncing around near the top of the screen! Pretty nasty exploit there.

Really fun game. Great concept and very addicting.

Very interesting concept and nice to revive an old timers game. Gets a little boring cuz you just gota get father and father. To easy like DasMatto said.