Reviews for "Leaks"

I experienced no lag from the NG medal popup. So please do not remove that from future projects.

More Games link didn't work.

Game over without continues is an outdated game mechanic. It has nothing to do with retro. It's just bad game design.

Music and graphics were excellent but I would have liked to see variety in the color schemes and more sound tracks.

I got to level 8 and died. If there was more variety after that, it came a bit too late for me.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks! I didn't find any sense in adding casual leveling to this game - new levels don't introduce new gameplay elements, so this is all about scoring. Honestly speaking, levels was added in the latest build of the project, it was only one single endless level before.

Anyway, I will take into account your notes if there will be a sequel.

Fun game, the only technical issue I have is I died several times due to the lag when you get a medal. If maybe you could exchange the medal pop up for a sound instead or something more light-weight.

Trust me, it's not fun getting a fast ball, at maximum water height with 3-5 medals wins which lag the game for more then 10 seconds.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks, I will totally remove standart newgrounds medal popup in future projects.

very good game, i myself love brick breaker, this has a new twist to it.kudos to you unlimitary you are awesome at games thanks for a good expirience kudos to you sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unlimitary responds:

Thanks man!

At first, I thought this was going to be like a Javanoid game. I was a tad disappointed to find out that it really wasn't. It still managed to be a really cool game, mostly because it was just so much fun and it was quite original. I've never played a game where I had to stop the ball from actually hitting the top of the screen. I appreciate you trying to be innovative with your work. The music is also pretty cool.

It's fun with how it goes from one screen to the same one. The only downside of this is not being able to move fast enough, but I never have that problem anyway. At least I managed to get a couple medals. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I liked the blue color tint. I like the dead (or alive?) fish too.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks. Fish is alive lol, none was hurt during this game development :D

I liked the music, the idea of the game, but it is very hard for me :)

unlimitary responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I made it pretty hardcore!