Reviews for "Leaks"

it reminds me of megaman i cant really tell you why perhaps the music

Game is cool, but lags way too much.

This is an old game that has been redone many times but I have to say I believe that this version is the best.

Controls: simple and works perfectly
Graphics: personally not a big fan for this style but it fits in with the game perfectly.
Audio: nothing annoying with the sound effects and the music fits with the game but may get annoying after playing for many hours but can be toggled so this is not a problem.
Difficulty: Hard to score big but novice players can get through levels by playing carefully.
Medals: Had to pause every time I got a medal due to lag and didn't receive all the medals the first time I played but did get them the second time (these were the only problems with the game) but the medals themselves were challenging to get.
Overall: a brilliant remake of an old classic that is has a new original concept that I haven't seen done before so perfect game in my eyes that was only brought done by a few medal problems.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks for detailed feedback! I'm really trying to fix that annoying problem with medals, but it's kinda tricky since i can't reproduce it on my own machine :<

Great game
A little ping pong enhanced , controls are simple and great audio .

Five across the board (but the medal system seems to be broken :()
:( I didn't get my medal (first level) and another one.

this was pretty fun. simple as that