Reviews for "Leaks"

Awesome consept, but it's too easy.... just gotta go right and keep the ball up in the top region.

Fresh, unique take on a classic game.

I feel like this would be an excellent game for Androids, iPhones, etc. The gameplay was addictive and the music complemented it nicely with graphics that did not over complicate the simple feel. Some may criticize the fact that the balls do not bounce on the screen and instead teleport to the other side. This is a matter of opinion, but I find that this adds a level of innovation and I did not have a problem with it at all.

Leaks is a simple game executed very well. Not a whole lot new is brought to the table, but it was a solid enough game to waste some time with.

Fun and interesting take on a dull classic. Good graphics, concept, ideas and controls. Great game, despite the lack of power up varity.

Good variation. I like the water idea and burn idea, but there's nothing more I could say because I quit pretty early, do to the annoying ball appearing on other side of screen instead of bouncing, which doesn't make sense and I don't even want to get used to it.

a fun and addictive game but nothing new.