Reviews for "Leaks"

Really fun and original twist on the standard break out game. Quite a unique idea- I wouldn't have though of it.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks! It was made for MiniLD #35, so it supposed to introduce unique mechanics.

it was ok it was pretty good and i got my medals : D

This should of been a 4 or a 5. You handle the wall bounces well, you didn't. The system is really bad and my only source of ball loss.

very good game, and an original idea, i love the music too :)

Very nice game
It's a pleasant variation of the standard Breakout game.
The controls worked properly and the visuals were good.
I understand that there is a constant challenge in every level but even that gets boring after some time.
You could have introduced more elements like obstacles along the way or small minigames that you have to solve quickly while the ball is in the air, so you can proceed forward.

All in all, a good game that could be a little more fun.

unlimitary responds: