Reviews for "Leaks"

very good game, and an original idea, i love the music too :)

I liked the music, the idea of the game, but it is very hard for me :)

unlimitary responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I made it pretty hardcore!

At first, I thought this was going to be like a Javanoid game. I was a tad disappointed to find out that it really wasn't. It still managed to be a really cool game, mostly because it was just so much fun and it was quite original. I've never played a game where I had to stop the ball from actually hitting the top of the screen. I appreciate you trying to be innovative with your work. The music is also pretty cool.

It's fun with how it goes from one screen to the same one. The only downside of this is not being able to move fast enough, but I never have that problem anyway. At least I managed to get a couple medals. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I liked the blue color tint. I like the dead (or alive?) fish too.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks. Fish is alive lol, none was hurt during this game development :D

This is an old game that has been redone many times but I have to say I believe that this version is the best.

Controls: simple and works perfectly
Graphics: personally not a big fan for this style but it fits in with the game perfectly.
Audio: nothing annoying with the sound effects and the music fits with the game but may get annoying after playing for many hours but can be toggled so this is not a problem.
Difficulty: Hard to score big but novice players can get through levels by playing carefully.
Medals: Had to pause every time I got a medal due to lag and didn't receive all the medals the first time I played but did get them the second time (these were the only problems with the game) but the medals themselves were challenging to get.
Overall: a brilliant remake of an old classic that is has a new original concept that I haven't seen done before so perfect game in my eyes that was only brought done by a few medal problems.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks for detailed feedback! I'm really trying to fix that annoying problem with medals, but it's kinda tricky since i can't reproduce it on my own machine :<

Hell yeah, great spin on an old favorite.