Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

Bad music choice, lack of being able to mute it is a real problem. Messy background, hard to tell what's going on in the foreground. Massive slowdown even on a high-end gaming computer...

A nice game :D. Music is a perfect match for the theme. Even though this is prettymuch a clone of RUA, my vote goes to your version :)

A few complaints though:
-The jump/dash buttons sometimes aren't responsive, or there's a delay. Ill use dash in midair, but ill fall a lil bit before she does dash & it results in me dashing into a platform and dying.
-There were a few occasions where i would be dashing, but a sking-troll would kill me still.
-Sometimes the trolls just blend in with the background, like the giant red/white lollipop. Maybe make the background a little darker and/or the trolls/gingerbreadblocks brighter (or visa versa)

Looks promising, but hardly playable in a convenient way having a qwertz layout.
A pity to see many flashes not complying to that issue by featuring either configurable controls or - as I've seen couple of times now as well - using x+c as actionbuttons, rather than z+x.
(I mean I can't program sh*t, but is it that hard for eXample have both z and y trigger the same action if one even refuses to consider x+c as layout?)

OMG LOVE THE SONG!!! Perfect for this, anyone know it?
Gameplay was good and somewhat difficult but who doesn't love a challenge?

eh it has a lot going on in the background and it makes it harder to tell where the trolls are