Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

I find the use of the controls annoying to use maybe a and z would of been better also the game starts to lag/jerk after a few replays...

Very nice
I like thisprincess

Robot Unicorn Attack is much better..

love this kind of games but the music dont fit very well but wath is the name of that music

After a lot of consideration, and I mean a LOT, I decided that this game was quite average. That is to say, flawed, but enjoyable. The music is good, and I liked it, but monotonous. There is apparently only one track, or at least doesn't change during the segment of the game I played, and given how much time can be spent playing over and over to get skilled and build a good score, that hurts things a bit. Hearing that same track over and over can easily get boring. Similarly, the landscape is fairly dull and repetitive. Not bad in small doses, but given the difficulty of the game it is another thing to keep form holding the player's interest.

When it came to actual mechanics, Chainsaw Princess was actually pretty solid. My first impression was that a two-button momentum game would offer a weak showing, and that the difficulty wasn't warranted for the degree of control offered. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that with a little practice I was actually achieving some respectable scores with consistency. The chainsaw action feels quite satisfying, which is certainly a plus. However, the detection is a little too unforgiving at the beginning and end of a swing, leading to plenty of "What?!" moments, where it seemed like I should have swung, but was in fact mere milliseconds too soon or late.

Finally, there is the randomized stage. This is at once the game's greatest strength and biggest failing. Without it, the already repetitive play would be utterly dull, and players could improve through rote memorization. Further, the randomization is what makes the score attack formula work. However, it has some big problems. The biggest is without a doubt a fondness for placing obstacles just too high, so that you don't see them until you have already committed to a jump and have no time to react. Slightly more forgiveable is the sometimes murderous enemy placement, which on occasion places two trolls so close that hitting one will mean not having room to deal with the other...and you have no choice but to go through the first. Platforms are sometimes spaced so that jumping to the next is nearly impossible, but this is rare, and the jumping mechanics (fortunately) make even the worst doable with a little skill and luck.

So overall, fun and challenging, but without a real grab to merit long-term interest.