Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

Now For A Proper Review (w/ a muffin in my mouf)

Graphics: 7.5/10---Would have liked to see the background change up as you get farther in the game (my record is 26000pts or so) maybe different color scheme or additional elements. Otherwise it's a pretty cool world you designed for your chainsaw samurai princess.
Character: 9.5/10---A Chainsaw-wielding woman is one thing but you've made her a princess that carries it like a katana in a world straight out of Candyland. It is a unique and very well done concept that deserves a high score.
Gameplay: 9.0/10---Simple and satisfying I like that the dash can be used to jump w/o hitting the ground but its a risk too as its easier to collide with hazards this way unexpectedly. The almost naked guy (Oh My :D) powerup is great too he looks like something out of The King and I. I don't know if this is implemented or not but is it possible to hit one after the other and chain them together (like grabbing multiple stars in Super Mario World)? If not implemented it would be a good change as it would reward even more going after those powerups.
Music: 10/10---It's pop, catchy, and fits the game's mood greatly. When done wrong a song like this, or songs, can crash and burn (example: Sonic R). But here is where it is done right and really captures the carefree style of the game.
Overall: 4/5---Room for a sequel and improvement but as is it definitely a winning formula and I will definitely pick this up for my Android.

Yes it's a Robot Unicorn clone, but it's really good! Love the song too.

The title screen is buggy. I can use the scroll wheel to go between 'prince' and 'ss' and 'CHAINSA' 'W' while mousing over them. Either you used an IOS->Flash.swf convertor, and didn't think to correct it. Also, the Twitter link doesn't work. Gameplay is functional, but Robot Unicorn Attack did it better. Music is nice, I'd wish you credit it so I can follow up on the artist.

It's a decent game. I want to rate it higher, but these above problems had me thinking you just wanted to shovel this out as soon as possible, or you might of copied it from someone else.

ninjaLad responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The font was messed up on the title screen because I forgot to embed it properly in the swf, but it should be fixed now. I'm off to work this morning but I will fix the twitter button tonight. The music was from a stock website, but I'll add the credits tonight as well (if I can find them). The app was written in flash first, then ported over to corona for mobile afterward--it runs much better on mobile at 60 fps, as I didn't take advantage of any blitting techniques etc. in flash.

This is quite fun to play - an original idea as well, and it was overall fun to play. It does remind me a bit of Robot Unicorn Attack, though, and the death sound is rather irritating, so 4.5 stars.

A good effort, but the view is far too close or the screen too small. Deliberate complication is the lazy man's way to increase difficulty. Also not sure about the music, it isn't particularly incongrueous but it seems like there must be something better.