Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

I LuV ThiS GaME!!!!!!! excellent choice of weapon :3

FANTABULANTISTIC GAME! Where tha fuck did you get the music? I NEED IT. fantastic song and game.

This game is the shit! The music is perfect for this :D

Yeah, a Robot Unicorn sort of game and there's nothing wrong with that. However, you gotta make this better. Do some changes like HP instead of a one hit kill. Make the platform a bit more... I don't know, workable. What I mean is that it felt like this was trying too hard to be like Robot Unicorn Attack and you'll die at any little slip. In short, this game could become very popular and addictive with some changes.

It's a lil' screwy for a Robot Unicorn knock-off. I give it a 3.