Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

Easily one of my favorite games on Newground. What can I say? I'm simple. I play this almost every day trying to get the Chainsaw GOD badge.

Surprisingly Enjoyable

I find this game to be pretty entertaining; the controls took me awhile to master but the game-play was rather engaging. The graphics were alright I liked the way the girl looks but the background was extremely bizarre since you're running through a land of candy and dessert while hacking up trolls.
A problem I faced in the game was that there was a considerable amount of lag from time to time which ended up getting me killed. I personally would've preferred a metal or heavy metal song rather than the current one since I feel that it would fit the theme of the game much better. I also think that there should be an option that allows us to change our controls to better suit the player.

Even though this game annoyed me when I kept dying, it still had me continuously coming back to play it; this is why I'm going to give the game a 8/10. If the problems are addressed, many players will be much more satisfied with this game. I see a lot of talent from you and I hope that there is a sequel to this game.

great game. i searched for an hour to find the song. the asshole below found it, but decided not to post the result. whatever. great game.

Tossing my two cents in. An overall challenging game that keeps you coming back for more gory Troll goodness. The music was epic but since no artist was given, had to search Google for the song. Finally found it though. All in all, I enjoyed my times with this game.

Really needs a Moka Akashia skin ^-^

Other than that, addicting game, simple game play, simpler controls, simple fun.