Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

Great game! Very fun, challenging and dynamic. The one thing I want to make clear that I absolutely loved: when you die you can restart really quick. This usually pisses me off in fast level games, when you need to go back to a menu screen or wait for an animation to click "retry". This is perfectly matched to the pace of the game.

Sounds and graphics, all very good. This is a very solid work, and I think this is way better than Robot Unicorn Attack because of the awesome feature of the God Powerup. That made the game way more interesting since you can enjoy the whole experience without being an expert or a ninja; but at the same time, you value the pro players with the medals.

Very well planned. Congratulations!

Loved everything but the music ... just didn't fit in. Great work though.

quite an enjoyable endless runner, I like the music and the sprites are really good. I've marked it down simply because it lags a lot when there's a lot going on, and the background is sort of hard to distinguish from the foreground. other than that, a good game

I'm #1 of Today & This Week & #4 for everythng else- including All-Time!!!!!1!

Disney's got nothin on this!