Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

Well put together game overall, nice music, great pixel art, decent gameplay. Although I have a few problems. First off, you need to make better instructions to the game, like how do you earn the points for upgrades? Second, coins do almost nothing, the concept of items is weak. One use items that cost that much is a waste. I ended up selling every item I picked up, just to get the gold achievements. Altogether it's a good game, but it needs some tweaking for sure.

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the comment! You can get coin for upgrade just by clearing a new level!

Its cool that you hurt your teammates when you dash. Makes you have to really think instead of just clicking away

I would not say this game is a ripoff because it isn't, but is a very similar game to Bumper Bowl, which you can find here at newgrounds... if you like this game, you would love that one too!

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the info. When we start developing this game, we actually do some research on game that have similar theme. Some of the game that you may find similar and should try:
- Squid (iOS)
- Metal Walker (GBA)

Very entertaining for a while! Cool set ups with the leveling and skill tree. Very awesome concept.

This game is really fun. It's just that, you have to go back and do other levels again in a harder mode because it gets to hard. But other than that, fun game, great job