Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

Great revisions :) It's nice to see the game developer take into account our suggestions. The music is great and the move line prediction works wonders =)

tempalabs responds:

Thanks! All the feedback by Newgrounds community is based on the best of interest for the game (well, mostly, if you're not counting spam :D), so I try to implement them if it can enhance the game and make it better.

very nice game dude but i found this bug:the masteries of element upgrade and durability are switched. why would i want to upgrade durabylity to 100?

Awesome game, beautiful graphics, beautiful programming (so smoooth!). Thank you for making this.

Improvement suggestions:
-AI (black dragon on level 10 gets stuck behind the wall or dashes right next to itself for no reason).
-Weapons. The weapon system blows. Such low durability! Instead of making durability super high (to where you can upgrade them to last the entire fight), just make them disappear for the rest of the battle and then restore them after the fight. OR, let us repair them! We have so much gold!
-I haven't tested it yet, but multiple people complained about the 3rd element limit upgrade not working; make sure it's fixed so we can pump up our weapon strength!!!
-Class abilities
-Instead of unlocking the heroes with upgrade points, let us unlock them by beating levels or completing special challenges.
-Let us upgrade our heroes through various challenges (e.g. get a platinum on a certain level and get free stat upgrades or a special weapon or something).
-Magical items that let us shoot projectiles; particularly useful for setting off bombs.
-Improve ricochet damage bonus (from spike balls, walls, etc.).
-Improve bomb damage.
-Decrease damage dealt to allied players or negate it when moving directly against them. Allow pushes/damage against walls, but it doesn't make sense that they actually strike one another.

I was pretty happy with this game other than the teddy bears. Great fun all the way through!