Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

a good game and so medieval.In fact I like medieval games.I will rate 4 'cause it loads so slow

It needs medal resubmission code. I played through three different difficulties of stage 1 and already missed out on a medal, and the game does not resubmit; there is no way I'm going to go through this game, missing out on difficult (or time-consuming) medals only to be forced to replay the game again if I want to get them. I know it is not your fault, something is wonky with the API I suppose, but the easiest way around this problem is to add in medal resubmission code.

As for the game itself, it is enjoyable, although I do have problems with it. First off, it is not fair to forcing the player to attack allies if they are close enough to a character when an enemy is attacked. I am okay with the game's inclusion of friendly damage, as it makes the game more strategy-based, but if multiple targets surround a character, he should only attack the hostile ones. Also, I do not understand some of the upgrades; when attempting to upgrade Dash's sword, I noticed that the first option is durability. The description given is "Make it last longer in battle." To my knowledge, the sword does not disappear if the battle goes on for too long, so why would durability ever need to be upgraded?

The transition is extremely annoying; it is fine for the initial menu screens, but to use it twice every time any screen changes is just excessive and irritating. Similarly, the icons at the bottom of the map screen (status, upgrades, etc.) should not have to pop back onto the screen every time it is loaded. Doing it when the game is first started would be fine, but not every time it loads.

I do, however, like the fact that each stage has multiple difficulties, and the stage is differently populated depending on the difficulty; if the stage is played on Normal, there might be two wolves, but on Hard, there could be two wolves and a goblin. This might require a change in strategy, which is a nice deviation from the approach many games use in which enemies are simply given some extra levels to make them more difficult to beat.

Overall, not a bad game, although I did not get to spend too much time with it. I will be returning to the game as I hope to develop the skill tree further and see the other characters.

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for kind comment and feedback. I have implemented various fix that should improve game speed.
You can also find new button on the Title screen, 'Reset Achievement'. With this, you can clear the in-game achievement, and try to trigger the achievement again if it fails to connect to Newgrounds Medal the first time.

There's a lot of potential in the concept, but I don't think you really thought out the rest. First and foremost, the experience curve is ridiculous. I could be grinding battles for years and never level up. This is especially important since stats seem to dominate the game. I know you want people to play your game, but if people don't really feel like their effort is worth anything then the game's not worth playing.

Plus, I don't feel like all the elements of gameplay are covered in the tutorial. I would've liked to know if moving into my allies hurt them beforehand instead of figuring that out for myself. On that note, why is it that when you move into your ally, you either just damage them or push them depending on what seems to be chance. I don't know if that's a bug or part of gameplay, but if it's the latter then it needs to be explained.

It's really the small details you have to fix. Bouncing off the SHADOW of the terrain and not the actual terrain really messes up coordination. You get used to it, but sometimes it's just a nuisance.

The challenges are actually well thought out, but with your characters not being able to level up at a reasonable rate, they start to become impossible as the enemies just start doing obscene damage. The damage is actually mostly elemental, because the challenges cut your resistance to a flat amount, making resistances essentially useless. Try just reducing the resistances instead of bringing them straight to -50 or -100.
This idea of "billiards rpg" is pretty neat, but an innovative concept doesn't make up for lack of development.

It was ok. I just with it was real-time combat...

This game was really fun and cool toward the beginning.

Toward the end of the campaign, the game's flaws start to catch up with it, and eventually spoil it.

The xp system needs to scale accordingly with the xp that the enemies give.

...and the stat increases need to reflect what level you are, since adding 5 points to hp or one point to defense near the middle of the game doesn't really help at all.

I earned he wind damage achievement, but there was never a medal awarded for it.
The consecutive counters achievements don't seem to be working.
Overkill medals are a bit lofty.
Toward the end of the game, everything has a ridiculous amount of resistance/defense and everything takes 1's or 0's unless you spend hours.... and I do mean HOURS grinding (since the xp system needs to be reworked)

overall.... I think you should have had this game playtested from start to finish before submitting it, since it feels like an unfinished project.