Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

This game is amazing. I think there is room for improvement and I would have probably done some things differently but the idea of this game is genuine. It gives me so much ideas that it makes me wish that I came up with it! Though I don't know if you already have similiar things in the game because I played only the first few stages.

I like the graphics because they are so colorful but they don't really differ from the mass. I wished the character design would've been more unique.

I'll give this 5/5 even though I don't think it's perfect but having played other games on this site that have been given full score even when they don't deserve makes this totally worth the score. This is the kind of game that I would pay for. I will be waiting for a sequel.

this game..... IS SOOOOO FUCKING FUN!

The games pretty fun, very enjoyable. Good work.

And to the review below this....the fact that it loads slow has NOTHING to do with the developers...

1st i look down to medels then after that i was like :OMG

its a very well thought out game with an interesting battle style defiantly a 5 out 5