Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

Pretty cool , played for 1 hour then get bored. Pretty slow gameplay.

tempalabs responds:

I have revised the game so it should be a lot faster now. Check it out! :)

Overall, this is a great little game and has much potential easily unlocked with a few small but significant tweaks.

Before going over said tweaks, let me just commend you on such a fun and inventive little game. The combat system is very unique and the concept can evolve into something amazing if you just adjust some things. The pixel art is adorable <3

Now, here are a few things to consider for 2.0:
1. As mentioned by RickyTheFish, transitions are pretty, but they're repetitious. Instead of replacing them, however, I believe all you need to do is speed them up so the transition is there but it doesn't demand too much attention.
2. A huge problem detrimental to gameplay at times is the camera. When enemies or coins are offscreen, you forget about them. A simple solution is to make the camera follow the current active character, that way when they move the camera doesn't stay behind and the player has to look around for the character.
3. Sliding slows down gameplay painfully. Try adjusting speed and friction so that characters go just as far, but they stop sooner. This would speed up combat a lot since everyone moves every turn.
4. The element icons could use some work. Everything else looks really nice, but those just don't fit in with the pretty pixel art around them. They use gradients also, which really clashes with all pixel art.

That's my two cents. Just look over those four things and make a few more suggestions here and there based on what other users say and you'll turn this good game into a great game. Good luck!

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I have incorporated most of your input in the latest update. Check it out!

Very good game,

Two things that bugged though:
1. Friendly fire hurts! I mean, why would I want to perform a full-scal attack on my team?
2. You should be able to scale the map while the "Move" action is selected. Characters with high speed, have arrows that go further that the delimited screen.

Save from that, a very nice game! Congrats'!

I would not say this game is a ripoff because it isn't, but is a very similar game to Bumper Bowl, which you can find here at newgrounds... if you like this game, you would love that one too!

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the info. When we start developing this game, we actually do some research on game that have similar theme. Some of the game that you may find similar and should try:
- Squid (iOS)
- Metal Walker (GBA)

Found this entertaining for a few hours