Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

The upgrade for increased element increases the amount of durability you can upgrade...

I like the idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired. Some particular issues:

1: Needing to spend upgrade points to get the party members is inane. Especially when they start with no experience

2: The game is glitchy. Enemies will get stuck on obstacles, each other, and occasionally nothing at all. Sometimes they get their turns skipped. And, worst of all, I've had them suddenly start taking 1 damage from all attacks (2 from criticals)

3: It's too slow. Strip out the transitions, and speed up the sliding

4: The item system really discourages you from using it. You have to upgrade items to make them worthwhile, they're temporary, and equipping one eats a turn

5: The level curve is broken. Having the experience to level double each level is okay, but only if the XP you get keeps up. And it doesn't

6: There needs to be a way to zoom out. With high speed, it's not uncommon for the camera to be a real problem

7: The double turn system is broken in several ways:

7.1: It's not terribly uncommon for pushing an enemy at full force to not really be a good idea, but you'll try to anyway because an extra turn offsets the loss and then some

7.2: It's just kind of broken, steamrollering the difficulty if you have good timing. And really frustrating if you don't

8: The whole idea of knocking enemies into things doesn't really go anywhere, since it's rare to see damage values above 1 pop up

9: The block and counter options would be more useful if it wasn't so very easy to completely outstrip the enemies' move ranges

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for all the detailed feedback. I have uploaded a new version that should speed things up a little.
About double turn, yes, it may be game breaker if it's easy to achieve. That's why I use charge bar mechanism to it not easy to do.

nice game . but gain exp per level (8+) difficult than kill boss = =''
... fix " game balance " again plz . :)

Bug: get killed by bombing self + two turns= a dead man/woman turn

only one word awesome i been playisience 3:00am now its11:oopm aadictive much yes still i agree eith other guy i was hopping it would be like zelda