Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

Cool game. Well-designed. Only issue is that your RNG sometimes creates impossible scenarios as far as maintaining combos (for example, putting 3 enemies at 3 very different elevations) or spawning a bird mid-jump. While I understand that is an inherent flaw of RNG games, you should try to reduce that as much as possible.

this game is so awesome :D
will u update it more?

r-macdonald responds:

Maybe in the future, right now we are working on a new flash/mobile game. Necrorun didn't get a lot of downloads with mobile, and we are trying to make a game that will make some money so we can all just focus on making games. Every developer's dream but not something easy to achieve

Really awesome game, and I really like this art style :D

Jumping over the knights solve the problem.

Dude... Frickin ADDICTED! I literally cannot stop playing. I try to go do something else and end up coming back to try to find that last secret medal. Any other hints? ;)