Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

Not bad. Takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but once you do, it's a lot of fun. Love the art style especially. Would check on the grammar in the intro. The phrasing is a little funny.


A great little game. The little comments Death makes before starting a run and the quotes on the main menu were funny. The controls and animations were generally fluid. I especially liked the animation's fluidity from dragonborn to horse. The powerups were balanced and were pretty much necessary for the last level, especially shield barrier. The music was pleasant to listen to. The graphics aren't phenomenal and the jumping animation seemed a bit awkward but other than that it is a quality game.

Like tje game, nice gameplay etc. pretty fun, but the medals don't work

r-macdonald responds:

It is probably because the staff at NG didn't approve them yet.
I tested before publishing the game on the preview page and they are all unlocked on my account right now.

So, death is allergic to trees....new plan for immortality discovered =D