Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

I like the atmosphere of this game. It couldnt keep me hooked for long tho :p
Also... stretched, the game looks very pixely

Great game. With the improved controls it's 10x more fun than version 1. I like the power ups. You really need them in the other two stages. I think some of the sound fx are too loud. Especially in stage 2 and 3. The music is nicely composed, but it copuld be better mixed and masterd. It just sounds a little too computer/midi-ish. The guitar and timpani sound great. The organ and drums not so much. The bass and tubular bell are in between. The graphics are quite nice. It's an enjoyable game to play.

awesome game but some of the upgrades are crap but still a great game.

It's okay the upgrades should be easier to get though

Great game :P